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Dogecoin was created by IBM software engineer Billy Markus and Adobe software engineer Jackson Palmer. ... Markus had designed Dogecoin's protocol based on existing cryptocurrencies Luckycoin and Litecoin, which use scrypt technology in their proof-of-work algorithm.

Elon Musk frequently mentions or talks about Dogecoin on his Twitter account, boosting its popularity a significant amount in recent years. promotes the currency as the "fun and friendly internet currency", referencing its origins as a joke.

Dogecoin was officially launched on December 6, 2013, and within the first 30 days, there were over a million visitors to

Palmer had purchased the domain and added a splash screen, which featured the coin's logo and scattered Comic Sans text

On December 19, 2013, Dogecoin jumped nearly 300% in value in 72 hours, rising from US$0.00026 to $0.00095

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In January 2021, Dogecoin went up over 800% in 24 hours, attaining a price of $0.07, as a result of attention from Reddit users, partially encouraged by Elon Musk and the GameStop short squeeze